• The development trend of electric fireplace

    Old-fashioned heating always looks out of place in the modern decoration style, economical and practical is no longer a single consideration for people. The emergence of electric fireplaces makes up for the shortcomings of the old heating equipment. While ensuring the basic heating needs, it also provides designers with new inspiration. From the current point of view, the development trend…
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  • What to pay attention to when installing electronic fireplace

    1. The fireplace installed in the room with the most activities can achieve the maximum thermal efficiency. If the indoor floor height is high, use the fan to slowly spread the heat to the activity area. 2. In order to match the fireplace with full-automatic operation, the electric socket and wire connection box shall be installed beside the installation position…
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  • About simulation electronic fireplace

    Decorating Decorative simulation fireplace is more prominent and popular. It simulates the effect of "burning wood" in fireplace to achieve the purpose of house decoration, without heating function. It can be seen in neoclassical style. Advantages of folding simulation fireplace Simulation fireplace does not need to consider the problem of flue. Generally, there are few buildings with flue space in…
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  • 13 guidelines for safe use of electronic fireplaces

    1. The heating element will generate heat rapidly when it is opened. Take care to avoid contact of exposed skin with hot surfaces. During operation of the electric fireplace, the trims around its exit may also become hot. 2. To avoid the risk of fire, keep all materials made of combustible materials (such as furniture, clothes, bedding, pillows and curtains)…
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  • 10 advantages of choosing electronic fireplace

    1. no smoking Wood Burning Fireplaces release carcinogens and harmful gases, such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Breathing in these fumes can be dangerous for your family and pets. Even if you switch to dry logs that produce more heat and less smoke, they will still produce harmful fumes, reducing your home air quality. However, the emission of electric…
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