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What kinds of electric fire place do you have

As a product of the industrial revolution in the new era, which uses low energy consumption and recyclable renewable energy, electric fire place has a wide variety. Different electric fire places can be used in different seasons, which can bring comfort and beauty to home life.

What are the classifications of electric fire place?

About Manual ethanol burners

The technology and security have evolved, and today we have two types of Manual Ethanol Burners: Manual and Automatic bioethanol burners. There are no necessary hooks and you can install them anywhere And the price will not be so expensive.

Pros of Manual Ethanol Burners

About water vapor fireplaces

A water vapor fire is an artificial electric fire that uses water mist and LEDs to create a realistic flame illumination This is a new technology of artificial fires that only use water and therefore are totally safe, do not generate carbon monoxide and are a green alternative to conventional wood burning fireplaces. Of course, you can't use a water vapor fireplace for heating.According to the latest research, you can also use mobile app to control water vapor fireplaces and play music in leisure time, But on the positive side you can use it all summer long!

About the Water Vapor Technology

About Ethanol fireplaces

In the cold winter, the fireplace can bring the best warmth to the home. Ethanol fireplaces have progressed towards using cleaner energy sources such as natural gas and electricity to generate heat, but electric fireplaces were unable to simulate the attractive qualities of a traditional fireplace.

Ethanol fireplace mantels in room

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