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Ethanol fireplace mantels in room

ethanol fireplace mantels is a clean, green way to incorporate fire into your home without needing to worry about unnecessary pollution. This is insulated and fire rated so it can be placed directly against construction materials and solidly built into a wall. This is great for construction or home renovation projects, as well as homes that have limited floor space.


It’s smooth finish, reliable design, and ethanol fireplace mantels in almost all indoor spaces. Little maintenance is required, allowing you to enjoy the fireplace without worrying about repairs or frequent cleanings.

ethanol fireplace mantels works as a magnificent centerpiece or accent in any home thanks to is clean lines and zero pollution. It can be placed anywhere in the house since it requires no chimney, gas lines, or electric lines to function. This also means it requires little maintenance and can provide five hours of heat and burn time to any get-together with little work.

The fireplace is made of steel, stainless, and glass and is available with a steel or black finish to suit any modern design. It’s truly a contemporary design, featuring a polished metal square with clean and clear glass plates that guard the flames along the front and back of the open shape. The eye will be drawn to the crisp flames, which are reflected in the glass and add a beautiful shine to the steel bolts affixing the plates in place.

Post time: 2022-02-16