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Living Room Ideas With Ethanol Fire

The fireplace is the focal point of a living room – the place around which family and friends naturally congregate for an evening of relaxation or entertainment.

For a modern and animistic style, a geometric fireplace in bright white acts as a stunning focal point of any room. The large size and clean lines make it a design feature that you can base the rest of your decor around. This type of fireplace works best in a home with a large, open floor plan, providing the illusion of creating two separate spaces. This is not a trendy design, though minimalism is very hip right now. Rather, when used in a two-color scheme it creates a timeless aesthetic that, much like fresh flowers and a full bookshelf, will never go out of fashion,the hub that beckons us with its welcome warmth and light.

'A living room fireplace is more than a piece of furniture or an architectural decision,' muses Monique Tollgard, founder of Tollgard. 'A fire is a ritual you add to your home and your life. The warmth and grandeur of a fireplace significantly alter a rooms atmosphere even with no logs on or burning brightly.

When it comes to living room ideas, the fireplace becomes not just another design element but a main focal point, so discovering the perfect addition to your space can elevate the room from one of function into one full of ambience and conviviality. And ethanol fires are becoming increasingly popular and are perfect for a contemporary scheme.

Ethanol Fireplaces are low-maintenance and are renowned for generating good amounts of heat. They also don't require a chimney meaning 'they can be installed virtually anywhere so long as a balanced flue can be fitted,' notes Vicky Naylor from ACR. 'Art Fireplace Team makes them easy to be operated and you can have remote control or smart models that allow you to set timers and flame heights from your remote controller or smartphone or tablet.'

Post time: 2022-05-17