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What is the most modern fireplace

Do you like all things cutting-edge and modern?

In that case, the next time you’re looking for a new fireplace, we’re willing to guess that you’ll want one that not only boasts contemporary styling, but also features all of the latest fireplace tech.

It seems like more and more appliances are going ‘smart’ these days. From TVs to fridges, appliances and devices are coming with more and more features and technology.If you want to be part of one of the hottest interior design trends this year, then you need to look at water vapor fireplace.

As people seek to create a bold, eye-catching focal point in their living room they are creating media walls.

As their name suggests, media walls are specially constructed walls which incorporate both a fireplace and a TV. In some instances they will also include other features such as speakers and alcoves for storing items.water vapor fireplace are available in multiple styles, sizes and shapes, with many models including smart features like those outlined above.

It’s also possible to buy water vapor fireplace which are ‘open’ on two or three sides, which creates a brilliant panoramic view of the flame effect within the fire. Explore our range of media wall fires now and you’ll see why they are considered to be some of the most modern fires around.


Post time: 2022-05-05