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Under the development of Water vapour fireplace

Ultrafine water vapor fireplace with no danger or constraints

Benefits of Water 3D vapor steam fireplace With APP

Benefits of Using simulation wood

The benefits of installing water vapour fireplace

If you have installed the water vapor fire place at home, you can freely decorate the water vapor fire place with ciy according to your preferences.

You can choose simulation wood to decorate the water vapor fireplace. Simulation wood also has various styles to place their favorite shapes.

Simulation wood also has different styles and colors. While the shape is close to real wood, the light simulation wood with different shapes is better in DIY. The light of LED lights gets reflected by this most creating a realistic 3-dimensional illumination of flame and smoke.


New function
Water Vapor Fireplace is a ventless fireplace with 3-dimensional realistic flames that you can touch without burning your hand. The flame illusion if created with the help of fine water mist and LED lights that reflect off of it.

Under the development of new technology, water vapor flame can adjust the color, water mist level and rotation speed of flame by downloading the corresponding with app.
When relatives and friends visit, while adding a different atmosphere to the home, the water vapor fire place uses the water vapor fire place to play music, and the flame color will jump with the music. You can have a fierce music competition with your friends or play soothing music to relax your mood.




Post time: 2022-02-11