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The benefits of installing water vapour fireplace

The Benefits of water vapour fireplace:
The newest technology manages to create an extremely realistic flame look without the presence of a real fire. Flame imitation is so realistic, you’ll be surprised to learn you can actually touch this “fire.”
Realistic cool-to-the-touch flame is created by energy-efficient LED lights and water vapor. These cold mist artificial fire fireplaces run on electricity and regular tap water. All you need to do is plug them into a standard household outlet (or hardwire), add water (or connect to a water line) to the tank and enjoy!

A water vapor fireplace is an artificial electric fireplace that uses water mist and LEDs to create a realistic flame illusion.
These artificial fires use an ultrasonic mist maker to generate cool mist. The mist maker module consists of a ceramic disk vibrating at ultrasonic frequencies. These vibrations create water droplets that reflect the light produced by the LEDs. As a result, they create an unbelievably realistic artificial flame illusion. This is a new technology of artificial fires that only use water and therefore are totally safe, do not generate carbon monoxide and are a green alternative to conventional wood burning fireplaces.Of course, you can’t use a water vapor fireplace for heating. But on the positive side you can use it all summer long!

Water mist fireplaces can also be used as a humidifier to keep the space suitable for skin and breath.And with multipled functions,such as multiple colors,music players,color-music mixed functions etc.

Fun Facts about Water Vapor Fireplaces.
Water Vapor Fireplace is one of the best alternatives to traditional wood or gas fireplaces for several reasons:
1.Water Vapor Fireplace has the most realistic flame imitation out of all other alternative fireplace types.
2.Water Vapor Fireplace doesn’t produce any harmful emissions keeping your air clean.
3.The “flame” of Water Vapor Fireplace is cool to the touch making it safe for kids, pets, and for installation in crowded commercial spaces.
4.Water Vapor Fireplace has a huge number of installation options because it doesn’t need venting or clearances and the 3D flame can be open on from sides.
5.Water Vapor Fireplace doesn’t cost much to operate. It runs on tap water and LED lights consume very little electricity.
There are many other benefits of water vapor fireplaces like their low energy consumption and environmental-friendliness but the bottom line is this: water vapor fireplaces feature dazzling flame realism that rivals gas, with the safety and simplicity of electric.

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