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How water Vapor Fires work?

Water Vapor Fireplace doesn’t cost much to operate.
It runs on tap water and LED lights consume very little electricity.
There are many other benefits of water vapor fireplaces like their low energy consumption and environmental-friendliness but the bottom line is this: water vapor fireplaces feature dazzling flame realism that rivals gas, with the safety and simplicity of electric.

How does an electric water vapor fireplace work
Produced by a “transducer” , the ultrasounds are mechanical waves that will vibrate water turning it into ultra-fine water vapor. This water vapour is propelled in several ways without the use of convection heating into specially adapted ducts. It should be noted that ultra-fine water vapor is immediately absorbed by the ambient air. The water vapor does not condense and does not produce moisture on adjacent walls. This is often referred to as dry water vapour.
Then,dissipated into the ambient air and illuminated by different kinds of LEDs .It is the subtle blend of three components, namely ultra-fine water vapor, the light from colored LEDs and the creation of different air pressures that allow real colored flames to be obtained with so much realism.


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