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Why Choose Intelligent Ethanol Fire?

Intelligent Ethanol Fire

An Intelligent Ethanol Fire is not just a small classy decorative object. Since placing a vent is not necessary, it gives total freedom to designers.If you want to install a fireplace as your main means of heating, the Intelligent Ethanol Fire is for you.They offer warmth, can make any room more attractive, and offer great ambiance for any occasion. Of course, it produces flames, and thus heat. However, this fireplace is better used as an intermittent heat source for chilly spring or fall days.even if at Home heating systems always drive down energy costs in cold weather.Intelligent Ethanol Fire offers innovative, simple to use and secure solutions to create YOUR modern fire space, without any constraints.

These characteristics are the framework of the Intelligent Ethanol Fire remote ignition design bio ethanol burner inserts and designer fireplaces. Intelligent ethanol fire also has the following features:
Ethanol is a highly combustible substance so it is very important to keep the fuel tank of the fireplace tightly closed at all times. Therefore, intelligent ethanol fire is safer than traditional fireplaces.
2.Intelligent ethanol fire is healthier while generating heat.
To generate heat, Intelligent Ethanol Fire burn fuel. Intelligent Ethanol Fire work just like most types of wood-burning fireplaces.The only difference here is that ethanol does not produce smoke and carbon dioxide as the wood fireplace. In fact, an average size ethanol fireplace produce very little amount of carbon dioxide that you do not need to install a chimney or flue when using this type of fireplaces.
3.Intelligent ethanol fire makes installation easier.
To function well, Intelligent Ethanol Fire need to have an enclosure to house the fire source and a fuel tank to hold the ethanol. Intelligent Ethanol Fire can be stationary or portable. Most types of stationary Intelligent Ethanol Fire are mounted against the walls while portable Intelligent Ethanol Fire look more like small stoves with enclosures to house the fire.

Post time: 2021-12-28