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Which heating effect is better, electric fireplace or air conditioner?

As a household electric heating appliance, electric fireplace has the characteristics of cleanliness, safety and reliability, convenient loading and unloading, and high combustion utilization rate. Compared with wood-burning and gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces will not have unpredictable soot, strange smells and noises generated when the flame is burning; electric fireplaces can not only save heating costs, but also bring elegant viewing effects. Conveniently enjoy the warmth and comfort brought by the electric fireplace. Touch the switch, the magical flame effect will be displayed instantly. Convenient installation, the gorgeous flame will bring a beautiful mood to your home decoration. The use and installation of the electric fireplace is also very simple, without complicated preparation work, as long as the fireplace is plugged into the home power supply. There is no high temperature on the surface of the electric fireplace, which is very safe for children and the elderly.
Air conditioner is also called air conditioner (air conditioner). Refers to the process of using artificial means to adjust and control the temperature, humidity, cleanliness, speed and other parameters of the ambient air in the building/structure. Generally, it includes cold source/heat source equipment, cold and hot medium transmission and distribution system, terminal equipment and other auxiliary equipment. It mainly includes water pumps, fans and pipeline systems. The terminal device is responsible for using the cold and heat from the transmission and distribution to specifically process the air to meet the air parameters of the target environment. The air conditioner has poor heating effect, the indoor temperature rises slowly, and the indoor air is dry and uncomfortable. When the room temperature is below -10°C, the air conditioner loses its heating capacity and cannot achieve the required heating effect. Compared with this, the heating effect of electric fireplace is better.

Post time: 2020-07-29