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What are the types of American fireplaces?

If the fireplace is not installed properly, the heat dissipation performance will be greatly reduced. If the room area is large, auxiliary equipment can also be used for heat dissipation. Most modern fireplaces use electric energy as the main energy source, so the installation needs to pay attention to the safety of electricity. The fireplace consumes a lot of power, and if installed properly, it can effectively save energy.

One. Precautions for Fireplace Installation

1. The fireplace is installed in the room with the most activities to achieve the greatest thermal efficiency. If the indoor floor height is high, the use of fans can slowly spread the heat to the active area.

2. In order to match the fully automatic fireplace, the electric socket and wire connection box should be installed beside the installation location before the final installation is completed.

3. If it is a duplex house, if the fireplace can be placed on the turning platform of the stairs, the heat can be directly transmitted to the upper room or the lower room, so as to achieve the purpose of energy-saving.

4. The floor where the fireplace is placed also needs to be insulated. The requirements vary according to different products. An open wood-burning fireplace requires a very large base to hold sparks and ashes. The setting of the glass furnace door should also consider the issue of adjusting the flame.

5. To choose a suitable base, you can ask your dealer for assistance. Ceramics, marble and masonry are all good choices. Different styles of stoves will have a series of colors and materials to choose from to meet your needs. Alcohol fireplace.

6. ​​All fireplace design and construction require professional knowledge to ensure safety and efficiency in use.

2. What are the classifications of fireplaces?

1, coal-fired type

The type that has been completely abandoned in Europe and the United States. It is difficult to collect and store combustible materials. It is non-closed combustion. Exhaust gas particles are formed during combustion and insufficient combustion. Pollution to the environment and harm to the human body. 2 Wood-burning fireplaces (Wood Stove) are the mainstream products used by single-body buildings and villa owners. Compared with traditional fireplaces, modern wood-burning fireplaces have been greatly improved, using closed combustion chambers and secondary combustion technology. , And can use the new type of environmental protection special charcoal, low cost, high calorific value, full combustion, clean emissions, is the most natural and romantic way of heating.

2, gas type

Artificial gas due to its very low combustion value requires double the cost of use to produce the same amount of heat, so it is not suitable for use as a gas source for fireplaces, and it has never been produced and used in factories in Europe and the United States. Natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas fireplaces are low-cost, convenient, and sanitary, and natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas can be easily interchanged. Naturally, the balanced gas fireplace has the highest safety/thermal efficiency/applicability rate and the best decoration effect. It has become a product widely used in ordinary apartments and non-monolithic buildings.

3, alcohol-burning type

It is called an alcohol fireplace because the fuel of the alcohol fireplace is smokeless, tasteless, non-toxic, and does not require any fuel supply for utilities (wood, gas, coal, electricity), which makes it suitable for any building environment (clubs, hotels). , Villas, apartments, offices, residences, etc.). Because its fuel uses renewable modern energy (denatured ethanol-paste alcohol), it burns cleanly, so it is almost maintenance-free.

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