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The difference between electronic fireplace and real fire fireplace

With the improvement of living standards, many people now choose to install a fireplace when decorating a new house, especially in colder areas, which are more popular, but many people hesitate between electronic fireplaces and real fire fireplaces , So what are the differences between them, let’s take a look

1. Installation: Real fire fireplace: The chimney with flue is more troublesome to install, and the construction team is more professional, suitable for the installation of single-family villas or self-built houses. Electric fireplace: There is no need to set up a flue chimney, the installation is more simple and convenient, and it can also be installed in ordinary communities.

2. Cost: Real fireplace: installation is troublesome, difficult and expensive; most of the heating material is wood, and the heating cost is low. Electric fireplace: easy to install and cheaper than real fireplaces. Heating costs are electricity bills. If you want to achieve the same heating effect in the same area of ​​the room, the heating cost is usually higher than the heating cost of a real fireplace

3. Practicality: real fireplace: not afraid of power failure, available at any time, but need to manually add wood, a bit inconvenient, need to be cleaned frequently, cleaning is very troublesome, and it requires a single-family villa suitable for installation, electric fireplace: can not operate after power failure, but No need for manual fire extinguishing, convenient daily use, easy to clean, and can be installed in any house

4. Safety, real fire fireplaces require wood, which is easy to cause fires, which is more dangerous, and the exhaust gas will pollute the air. Electric fireplaces are safe and energy-saving, pollution-free, and not restricted by environmental factors

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