Vakalekaleka ni Ethanol Burner AF40

Art Fireplace Mini Intelligent Ethanol Burner Model AF40 with 40cm (15.8inch) Long–Eco-friendly smart ethanol fire. This Model can be freely designed and easily installed for home owners, daudroini, daubulibuli.

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Art Fireplace Mini Intelligent Ethanol Burner Model AF40 with 40cm (15.75inch) Long–Eco-friendly smart ethanol fire. This Model can be freely designed and easily installed for home owners, daudroini, daubulibuli.

Product Details:

Brand Artfireplace
Model AF40
Dimension 400mm/LX240mm/WX215mm/H


Remote Control Yes
Usage In rooms of minimum 15 m2
Weight 16.00kg
Capacity 4.80Liter
Fuel Consumption 0.3Liter/Hour
Heat Output 2650Watt
Flame Length 200mm / 7.08inch
Flame Height 150mm / 5.90inch
Ventless Yes
Cutout Dimension 380mm Length / 14.96inch
Cutout Dimension 220mm Width / 8.66inch
Cutout Dimension 250mm Deep / 9.85inch
Advantage Auto-Ignition/extinguisher, Over heat protection, Shake-off protection,C02 sensor, Over flow protection, Child-lock
Usage Bedroom, Apartment , Bar, Office…
Certification CE/FCC/IC

AF40 Model Featured Functions:

1.Intelligent ethanol burner extinction or ignition ordered by electric board and a Button ON/OFF and remote controller.
2.Na veika e dau vakatawana na icula kei na ivolavakarau e vakatawana na itavi icula me baleta na burner.
3. Itukutuku e tiko ena stainless kei na MDF.
4. Bio na ethanol taqe kei na kama.
5. Co2 veitaqomaki infrared detector ka tarova na kama ena soqo ni kena tarai na un e vakadonui.
6.Sa na sega na cakacaka kevaka e sa yavalati na burner mai na mataivalu external.
7. Automatic electric pump to fill the combustiontray of the burner.
8. Ena detectors katakata, ena raraba vakaikoya ni sa ivakarau tiko na ivakatagedegede ni un.
9. AC charger se batiri charger ena batiri loader.
10. E revurevu ni vakarorogo.
11. Cakacaka lokataki ni gone.

1.Mankind dreaming in front of your fireplace becomes imaginative. The fire gives you a future, a consciousness, a spark of heavenly blaze

Fire is an extraordinary element of friendly. Provide a line of fire of more than a metre long is a real asset to designers or individuals wishing to create a unique atmosphere, a new fire concept ! Fire is intimate and universal, fire is ultra-alive!

2.Secure bioethanol insert fireplace with remote controlled electronic ignition

Bioethanol insert fireplace AF40 is beautiful and it is also secure, equipped with a lot of detectors: level, C0², heat sensors, shake sensors etc. Moreover you don’t need to ignite it with a lighter or matches, just press on a button or a remote controller.

3.Art Fireplace Team is a true bio burner and water vapor fire inserts manufacturer

Art Fire is an electronic bio burners with remote controlled automatic ignition manufacturer at the cutting edge of technology. A true bio inserts range without flue which can be installed in houses or flats, in private homes or commercial premises.

A range running on 96° bio ethanol, an eco- friendly alcohol manufactured with plants and waste.

4.Customized products:

price according to customer requirements size and quantity a single report!

Normal duration of 10-15 work days (expedited orders, please consult customer service and sales)

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A:We accept sample order before production, it’s an necessary step before moving to successful cooperation, do not hesitate to contact with us for that.

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A:Cakacakaniliga ni irara veivotayaka na kena ivoli ena sivia na 100 veimatanitu ka sereki ki na veivanua kecega e vuravura. To find out where to purchase an Art Fireplace or insert, Yalovinaka vakalewena na fomu mo raica ena tabana ni veitaratara. Ena sauma iko e dua na mata ni irara ni Cakacakaniliga ena imeli ena loma ni imeli 24 na auwa vata kei na dua na ivolavakamacala kei na kena isau.

Kevaka e vakavinaka vakalevu na nomu kerekere ka oka kina e dua se sivia na ivakaraitaki, kakua ni wawa mo cavuta ena fomu ni veitaratara. Keitou na qai vakauta yani vei kemuni na ivakamacala vakamisini me baleta na ivoli o ya, e dua na droini komipiuta ni vata kei na measurements me rokovi ka vakakina na kena e oka kina na isau ni kena kau.

T:How can check my order status?

A:You can receive real-time status updates on your orders by contacting us. We have found that providing customers with the answers and transparency they desire has led to high levels of customer satisfaction.

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A:Depending on what your project or products is, typical turn around is 1-2 weeks. If you have a specific request, please feel free to ask. We can always work out a fast turn around if needed.
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