Differences About Manual Ethanol Fires And Intelligent Ethanol Fires

If you are looking for lifelike flames, go for electric fireplace inserts that run on bio ethanol fires.Compared with the traditional wood burning fireplace,The introduction of the bio ethanol fires made it possible to place a fireplace almost everywhere and without any venting, flue, smoke, soot or expensive maintenance. no ash, no noise, no smell, no need chimney, easy to install and use. Since then, the technology and security have evolved, and today we have two types of bio ethanol fires: Manual and Automatic electric bio ethanol burners.

Electronic ethanol burners are a step up from manual ethanol burners. Automatic ethanol burners can be operated with a remote control, control panel or even your smartphone and smart home system. These remote-controlled bio ethanol burners are also safer thanks to many safety sensors overseeing their work. A manual ethanol fireplace insert is a stainless-steel container that is filled with bioethanol fuel. To start the fireplace, you need to use a long lighter to ignite the fuel. The point is that you have to adjust the flames manually and extinguishing the fire is done the same way.

What is the Differences between a Manual and an Automatic Bioethanol Fireplace?

1.Different prices Manual bioethanol burners are cheaper Bio ethanol fires have existed for some years, with the manufacturers continuously optimising the production costs. Furthermore, the manual burners does not require any digital technology, and this means that the prices of manual bio fireplaces are quite low at this point. Electric Ethanol Fires have more complex structure inside and they works on 12V electric power transfer with mainboards, digital screen, and many electric parts. So the cost is higher. Choosing manual fires or electric fires, it depends on your budgets.

2.Different combustion time Intelligent Ethanol Fires can automatically burn for more than 10-25 hours when ethanol is added and the wine tank is filled.Due to its electronic operation, powered by a twelve-volt power source, this ethanol fireplace insert may be ignited and extinguished through an on/off switch located on the burner itself, a remote control or through your smart phone by integrating with your Smart Home System.some ethanol fireplaces have flame adjustable functions with different heat outputs. Manual bioethanol burners and fireplaces can be installed and placed freely, because they do not require any power or other cable connection, nor does it need a chimney, vent or flue.Manual Ethanol Fires manually adds ethanol at one time until the alcohol face is wet, and can burn continuously for 3 to 4 hours.

3.Safety performance Intelligent Ethanol Fires has the safety protection performance and remote control function of the machine, which can be easily opened from a distance, and Separate Fuel Reservoir and Burner Tray. Manual Ethanol Fires needs to be manually added with ethanol and ignited before burning, and also needs to be manually covered to achieve the flame out effect. But the advantage is that the weight is small, and it can be moved freely in the house conveniently and the price will be relatively favorable under the condition of taking care of ventilation and ensuring the safety of the environment.

4.Easy to use To function well, Intelligent Ethanol Fire need to have an enclosure to house the fire source and a fuel tank to hold the ethanol. Intelligent Ethanol Fire can be stationary or portable. Most types of stationary Intelligent Ethanol Fire are mounted against the walls. Manual ethanol fire No power or cables are required and it can be mounted everywhere.Manual bioethanol burners and fireplaces can be installed and placed freely, because they do not require any power or other cable connection, nor does it need a chimney, vent or flue. The only factor to consider is which size you want the burner to have.However, you, of course, still need to be aware of general fire hazards and safety distances. You can read about safety distances in our guide on the subject.

5.Routine maintenance All machines have a warranty period, within which any damage can be repaired. For routine maintenance, spray some commonly used disinfectant alcohol on the cloth with double-sided flannelette [that is, cloth for wiping glasses and lenses], and gently wipe off the dust on the machine panel. Electric Ethanol Fires can be easily do the maintenance to make it a new fireplace After long time use.But manual ethanol fire’s combusion tray will become black after use and it can not be cleaned easily as a new fireplace.

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