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Can the TV be installed above the fireplace?

Putting the TV above the fireplace is a more classic and conventional method, but what issues should be paid attention to in the design and construction process? From a security perspective, two aspects need to be paid attention to:
Prevent the TV from overheating and malfunctioning
TVs are electronic products with a large number of temperature-sensitive semiconductor components inside. Once the TV overheats, these components may malfunction. The fireplace generates a lot of heat when it is in operation. Although most of the heat is radiated into the room through the door glass, some of the heat is released by conduction through the wall. We call this part of the wall where the surface temperature is higher than room temperature as the “warm wall”. “. If the TV is to be installed on a “warm wall”, measures need to be taken to reduce the heat conducted from the wall to the TV. Different wall materials require different measures: if the wall is built with light steel keel and cement pressure plate, because the plate is thin, the heat conduction is more (the surface temperature of the wall may be as high as 90℃), which requires the wall The inner wall of the machine adopts thermal insulation measures, and the rock wool with a thickness of 100mm can be fixed on the inner wall with metal parts. If it is a brick wall, the heat conduction is very small, and the TV can be directly installed on the wall without additional insulation measures; in addition, no matter what kind of material the wall is, if the power cord or signal cable of the TV needs Passing through the enclosed structure of the fireplace, the wire harness must be protected with a metal sleeve, and then wrapped with rock wool (the rubber sheath of the wire will quickly age if it is directly baked by a high-temperature object, causing leakage and short circuit).
Prevent the TV from being too close to the fireplace and burning
In order to prevent this from happening, a safe distance should be maintained between the TV and the fireplace. How much is this distance suitable?
What we should pay attention to is: if you want to install the TV above the fireplace, the two must be separated by a baffle. This is because the air will rise after being heated and continuously “transport” the heat to the space above the fireplace. This is the phenomenon of convection. Long-term full power operation of wood-burning fireplaces will generate high temperatures in the vicinity of them, and in extreme cases will burn combustibles. The TV contains plastic parts, PCB computer boards and rubber parts, all of which are combustible. Installing a baffle above the fireplace can divert the hot air away from the TV and block the heat radiation from the fireplace.

A: Width of baffle
B: Above the fireplace to the height of the baffle
C: Distance from the bottom of the TV to the baffle
The baffle is made of non-combustible materials (stone, glass, ceramic, metal, etc.), and the distance between the baffle and the fireplace is not strictly required

Post time: 2020-07-29