3D Opti myst fireplace adds an elegant and comfortable

3D Opti Myst Fireplace Adds An Elegant And Comfortable atmosphere to your home
Built-in electric fireplaces are very cool and elegant. They make a great addition to any home, workplace or bar/restaurant. They differ from wall mounted fireplaces since they are essentially implanted right into the wall and don’t stick out at all.

If you’re looking for a fireplace without any tacky burning logs, unrealistic colors and something that is very relaxing and traditional looking, then look no further than the Art-Fireplace or check out our Collection of Realistic Electric Fireplaces for more options.
And have you ever thought to yourself, "Art fireplace would really bring the room together, but I don't want to buy wooden logs?" Problem solved. Electric fireplace inserts deliver the heat and enjoyment of a fireplace without the hassle of taking care of an actual fireplace. They run completely off of electricity, and can even come in multiple colors to add some flair to your room. "The other great thing about electric inserts is they don't need to exhaust outside, the way wood-burning and vented gas fireplaces do," says Dan DiClerico, Director of the Home Improvement & Outdoor Lab. "It's a clean, convenient alternative."

Art-Fireplace don't come with any decorative accessories but they look even more realistic with decorative glowing logs.
Alternatively, you can place pretty much anything around the flame, like glass pebbles or rocks. Just make sure to not block the flow of the mist.

Art Fireplace 3D Opti Myst Fireplaces are in a category of their own. They are different from most electric fireplaces in a way that their flame is 3 dimensional created by water steam and LED lights.They are the most realistic electric fireplaces yet. The coolest part is that they can be installed any way you like: from the traditional fireplace to a 2-sided, 3-sided, or 360-degree fireplace. Check out the entire collection here.

The flames look real and have multicolor myst flame option. It seems like Dynasty put a lot of thought into this model and it truly is one of our favorites this year.You can try the latest technology of art fireplace, which can adjust the flame height or rotation speed on the panel. You can also scan the app in the manual and adjust it according to personal preferences on the app on your phone.

Art Fireplace 3D Water Vapor Fireplace AFW Series With APP:
★ Easy Control: Button ON/OFF and Smartphone APP
★ 24V Low Voltage - Safe
★ Material in stainless and MDF
★ Flame Height Adjustable - 7 Level Flame Height
★ Flame Speed: Adjustable - 7 Level Flame Speed
★ Flame Multiple Colors - Unlimited Color Change
★ LED Lights - Water Proof Leds
★ Music Players - Play Music Or Wood Burning Sound
★ Automatic Fill The Tank
★ Automatic Drainage system
★ Connect to water pipe system
★ Green Energy Conservation
★ Over-flow protection function
★Over-voltage protecting and power leakage protecting functions

Completely Safe And Eco-friendly LED Fireplace A completely safe and eco-friendly fireplace with “real” flames. The Art-Fire line of the Art-Fireplace 3d water vapor fireplace inserts with natural cool orange flames and Unlimited color flames offers a new fire experience. The experience of a contemporary fireplace that is perfectly adapted to the modern, eco-friendly lifestyle and urban housing constraints. A 3D opti myst fireplace is an innovative home decor item that creates the illusion of a fire using heated water vapor instead of real flames. This type of fireplace is considered safer than traditional fireplaces and provides a unique, modern look for any home.

3D Water Vapor Fireplace AFW100 With APP Control

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