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13 guidelines for safe use of electronic fireplaces

1. The heating element will generate heat rapidly when it is opened. Take care to avoid contact of exposed skin with hot surfaces. During operation of the electric fireplace, the trims around its exit may also become hot.

2. To avoid the risk of fire, keep all materials made of combustible materials (such as furniture, clothes, bedding, pillows and curtains) at least 3 feet (0.9 meters) away from all sides of electrical appliances or equipment. Do not block the fresh air inlet or hot air vent. The natural flow of air must be ensured.

3. Although the electric fireplace is generally safe for children and pets, when the equipment with heating function is operated by or near children or individuals with physical disability, please operate it carefully. It is a dangerous behavior to open the equipment and leave it unattended at any time.

4. when not in use, please make sure to unplug the electric fireplace at all times.

5. Do not operate the electric fireplace when the plug or power cord is damaged, or do not use if the equipment is found to be faulty or damaged in any way. The electric fireplace must be returned to the authorized service organization for maintenance or electrical or mechanical adjustment.

6. The electric fireplace is only for indoor use. Do not use the equipment outdoors or expose it to bad weather.

7. The electric fireplace shall not be used in bathrooms, laundry rooms and other indoor positions that may make the machine contact with water. Do not install water in a container that can easily fall into the bathtub or hold water.

8. Do not put the cable or wire of this machine under the furniture, carpet or other electrical appliances. The power cord should not cover the passage that often passes, so as to avoid someone tripping over the wire.

9. Before disconnecting the device, please close the electric fireplace and unplug the plug from the socket or socket. Before connecting, make sure that the connected socket is properly grounded.

10. Do not insert any foreign matters, and do not let foreign matters enter the equipment from any vent or cooling port, otherwise it may cause electric shock, fire or damage to the electric fireplace.

11. Do not block the air inlet or exhaust port in any way to avoid fire. Take care not to use on soft materials, such as beds or sofas. Do not operate electric fireplaces in areas where flammable liquids, gasoline or paint are stored or used, or where flammable gases are present.

12. Do not make any changes to the machine. Use the machine only in the way described in the manual. Using it in any way not recommended by the manufacturer may result in electric shock and fire. Do not burn any material inside the electric fireplace. Do not impact the glass panel.

13. Whenever new circuits or modifications are required, use only the services of a certified electrician. Make sure that the socket used in the electric fireplace is properly grounded and equipped with a fuse unit.

Post time: 2020-02-13