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Choose The Best Electric Fireplace For Your Home

The trend toward energy efficiency has created innovation on a variety of fronts, and the fireplace is a prime target for reinvention, with its historically poor energy performance and high particulate emissions. A traditional fireplace created a hole in a home’s roof, with quick heat loss and the burning of wood isn’t a practical — or healthy — option for many who live in areas with burning restrictions or outright fireplace bans.

An ethanol fireplace is the best option for people who want the warmth and ambiance of a fireplace. These fireplaces create heat, but do not require to be vented and do not require a flue. The choices are endless for a beautiful fireplace and here we have compiled 20 of the best.

The Ethanol Burning is a clean, green way to incorporate fire into your home without needing to worry about unnecessary pollution. This ventless system is made of solid grade polished stainless steel and is insulated and fire rated so it can be placed directly against construction materials and solidly built into a wall. This is great for construction or home renovation projects, as well as homes that have limited floor space.

This design is solid brushed stainless steel with an opening on one side of a proportional rectangle so you and your loved ones can view the safe ethanol flames. A translucent glass plate offers some protection and light refraction in the front, drawing the eye to this piece.

The Ethanol Burning Firebox works in almost all indoor spaces and makes an excellent focal point for interior decor. Little maintenance is required, allowing you to enjoy the fireplace without worrying about repairs or frequent cleanings.

The Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert is a simple yet stylish burner insert designed to provide the warmth and comfort of a fire without all of the extra trappings of a traditional fireplace. This is ventless, meaning there is no chimney or gas and electric lines required. Maintenance is also simple.

As a range that may be requested in several configurations, with manual & automatic operational options, the ethanol firebox inserts afford you freedom of design, so that custom fireplaces are easily achievable.

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