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La progettazione e l'acquisto di camini di ville richiedono attenzione

Usually, in villas or townhouses or even in some houses with a relatively large area, people want to install a fireplace in the living room. In the early days, the camino was used for heating, but now most families regard it as a work of art, which plays a role of beautiful decoration. So design is particularly important. Today we will introduce to you how to design villa fireplaces and the precautions for purchasing fireplaces.

There are many fireplaces on the market now, and we usually choose fireplaces according to the decoration style of our home. Although everyone knows this truth, what kind of fireplace corresponds to what kind of decoration style of the house everyone is still puzzled. Prossimo, let’s take a look at how to design villa fireplaces and the precautions for purchasing fireplaces.

How to design a villa fireplace

1. Chinese style

This is a commonly used style in many villas. Generalmente, it is constructed in a traditional garden style. Chinese style has a very long development process. After more than two thousand years of development and progress, he has a rich literary and aesthetic cultivation. The Chinese style has a long history. It has been since the pre-Qin era. By the Tang and Song Dynasties, more and more Chinese villas began to prevail. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, because the economic level has been greatly improved, Chinese-style villas It has reached their peak state. The Chinese style is generally larger, pay attention to the development of the garden, the functions are complete, and the form is changeable, and the artistic sense is stronger.

2. European style

This is also the mainstream orientation in villa decoration, and it looks beautiful and has a unique personality. European-style villa decoration originated from the Guizhou style in Europe, and it was once popular in Europe. European style emphasizes more changeable lines and often rich colors to achieve a more romantic style. Under normal circumstances, European-style villas use a lot of decoration materials, often marble, beautiful and soft carpets, all kinds of beautiful paintings, wardrobes with rich lines, and knitted fabrics of various colors. There is also a niche Rococo style in the European style. He often pursues a sense of being close to life with slender lines.

3. Modern style

This is a pursuit of fashion, which better fits the space layout and function of the villa. The decoration of the modern villa-style comes from Germany. He does not pay too much attention to the decoration. It is mainly to make the functions more complete, more suitable for our home use, and combine the sense of art with practicality. The favorite of modern young people.

4. North American style

North American-style villas emerged in the Americas. It looks more concise and atmospheric, which fully reflects nature. It looks more functional, and the decoration is also very casual, without too much energy, it can be achieved Your ideal effect. As America’s status is getting higher and higher, North American-style villas are also appearing more and more in various countries, and they are even more popular in China.

Points for attention when purchasing a fireplace

1. Choose a villa fireplace according to actual needs

Most domestic villa fireplaces are divided into three types: real fire fireplaces, electric fireplaces, and decorative fireplaces. Decorative fireplaces simulate real fires and have no heating function. They are generally used for commercial spaces to set off the atmosphere. The villa space is relatively small, depending on personal needs; electric fireplaces are suitable for various types of houses, the price is relatively low, but the heating effect is relatively poor, and the experience is not good. ; Real fire fireplaces are divided into gas fireplaces and wood-burning fireplaces, which generally require a chimney or flue to discharge dust and smoke, suitable for single-family villas. At present, villa owners generally choose real fire fireplaces. One is that the heating effect is more comfortable and natural, and the other is that wood-burning real fire can be used as a view of the villa, bringing vitality to the villa and showing the owner’s taste and style.

2. Choose villa fireplace according to size and specification

Villa fireplaces are used in different environments, and their specifications and functions are also different. Generally speaking, both the bedroom and the living room use fireplaces. The main function of the fireplace in the bedroom is for heating. You can choose a smaller villa fireplace. Take the Jinan main helm fireplace as an example, the size is 700*660*500 (mm) The heating area of ​​the fireplace can reach 30-90 square meters, which meets the heating needs of villa bedrooms. The main purpose of the fireplace used in the living room is the decoration style of the entire villa, highlighting the owner’s style and taste. In addition, the living room space of the villa is generally larger, so when purchasing a fireplace, you will choose a larger fireplace. At present, domestic cast iron The large size of the fireplace is 1.06m, which is specially designed for the villa space.

3. Choose the villa fireplace according to the type of villa fireplace

villa fireplaces are mainly divided into embedded fireplaces, free-standing fireplaces, hanging fireplaces, and other customized fireplaces. The built-in fireplace needs to reserve a smoke exhaust channel during the design of the villa. It is generally used with a mantel or decorative fireplace. It is integrated with the villa decoration style and is elegant; independent fireplaces are not subject to decoration restrictions and do not damage the existing The decoration can be installed in any location, suitable for the well-decorated villa; general villa users buy more of these two fireplaces.

Editor’s summary: The choice of fireplace varies from person to person and from home to home. We should choose a fireplace with a suitable size and style to add the finishing touch to the home decoration. The above is all about how to design villa fireplaces and the precautions for purchasing fireplaces today. I hope I can help you.

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