Casa » Per comprare un caminetto ad alcool, devi capire queste fredde conoscenze!

Per comprare un caminetto ad alcool, devi capire queste fredde conoscenze!

The alcohol fireplace is a kind of ventless fireplace, which uses biomass ethanol alcohol as a fuel source. You can use many types of such appliances indoors and outdoors. Since they do not require chimneys or gas pipes, these convenient devices can be moved to any place you want. Using an alcohol fireplace indoors or outdoors is as easy as lighting a match. Alcohol fireplace appliances are generally quite safe, but it is also important to use fireplaces and store fuel as directed.

Basic knowledge of alcohol fuel

Alcohol fuel usually burns for about two and a half hours to three hours. The cost of each can is only a few yuan to a dozen yuan. Some fuel mixtures contain organic materials that make a hissing or popping sound when burned to mimic the sound of burning wood. When alcohol fuel burns, it will not smoke or produce soot.

Indoor free-standing

Most of the biomass ethanol alcohol fireplaces used indoors are free-standing, which means they only need to be placed on a floor that is strong enough and not collapsed and do not need to be installed in the wall, so it is less reserved Trouble at the entrance of the cave. This allows you to move them from one room to another according to your living habits and needs in your home. A free-standing fireplace is able to provide the convenience you can’t imagine for a family or a small space. Many indoor alcohol fireplaces have the appearance of traditional fireplaces, with mantels, columns and shapes, fireplace screens, and ceramic logs. There are also some modern-style glass panels or flames burning in decorative rocks for higher and more comprehensive customization options.

Alcohol fireplace for indoor use

There are many styles of indoor alcohol fireplaces, including fire pits, modern fireplaces, and traditional fireplaces. Some models are small and easy to carry, so they can be used indoors or outdoors.

Wall-mounted alcohol fireplace

In addition to freestanding alcohol fireplaces, there are also wall-mounted installations designed for indoor or outdoor use. These are very suitable for small rooms and outdoor areas because you don’t have to take up any floor space. They also allow you to install the fireplace in places where the normal installation is not normally possible.

Heat output

Alcohol fuel usually provides about 3,000 Btus (British thermal units) of heat. But that is only a theoretical value. In fact, about 9,000 Btus will be produced in one combustion job. In contrasto, the firewood in a conventional wood-burning fireplace can produce 20,000 to 40,000 Btus, while a gas fireplace can produce about 8,500 to 60,000 Btus. Although the heat generated by the fireplace is less than the two, because there is no chimney, the loss of heat is very small, and there is no airflow to draw and exhaust the heated air in the room from the chimney. Burning an alcohol fireplace in a small space for one hour is enough to raise the temperature by about 10 degrees Fahrenheit. But the total heat gain is lower than that of wood-burning appliances.

Safety warning

Biomass ethanol alcohol fuel can be safely burned indoors and outdoors, but there are some important things to keep in mind when using an alcohol fireplace:
Do not burn biomass ethanol alcohol fuel unattended.
Place the free-standing alcohol fireplace on a level, similar to a solid floor or outdoor flat ground, to prevent it from tipping over.
Be extra careful when using alcohol fuel outdoors; do not use it in strong winds or when it is raining or snowing.
Every time you add alcohol, only place the fuel container in the proper place in the alcohol fireplace body.


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