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Una sintesi delle conoscenze di base del caminetto

Basic knowledge of fireplaces: Fireplaces can be divided into wood-burning, gas-fired, coal-fired and electric fireplaces according to the heat source; they are divided into embedded and independent according to the structure. Except for electric fireplaces, they are called real fire fireplaces. Wood-burning fireplaces need to install a flue on the roof, while gas fireplaces do not require an additional chimney, only a  20 cm hole in the side wall, both before and after the house decoration. High-rise buildings and villas can be constructed. The gas fireplace is a balanced exhaust. 100%  of the combustion air is sucked from outside through the coaxial duct. Small pipes are embedded in large pipes to ensure complete isolation of combustible gas, thereby ensuring the quality of indoor air. The ventilation duct can pass through the outer wall horizontally or vertically through the roof, which can meet the heating demand of  80-200  square meters, and can also be used as an auxiliary heating device.

The installation of the fireplace has no requirements for the type of house. It mainly matches the space and the big environment. For example, if the height of a room is 2.6 meters, you can’t install the fireplace too high, it must be about 1.2 meters. There is also the size of the space. If the space is 40-50 square meters and the height of the room is about 2.8 meters, you can install a fireplace of about 1.7*1.3, which should be matched according to the overall structure. The rest is to choose the fireplace according to the design style of the house, whether it is American country or European style. Specifically, it should be proportional to the size and style of the space.  The difference between standing and built-in fireplaces is as follows:

The biggest advantage of standing fireplaces is that radiant heat can be provided around the stove and the fan assists the conduction of convective heat. Standing burning appliances are generally the easiest to install, as long as they can connect to the flue, they can be installed anywhere in the house. It is most suitable for rooms that have been renovated.

The embedded fireplace is a very attractive installation method, which can upgrade the furnace hole made of brick and stone into an efficient source of heat energy with a very high combustion effect. All embedded fireplaces are always the center point of your room. Gas real fire fireplaces can provide efficient heat and jumping flames. Due to the need for a flue, a more detailed plan is required for installation.

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